Carrier Liability

Unless the sender enters a higher declared value for carriage on the air waybill, the liability of FCX is limited to the higher of a) the amount provided by the applicable international treaty (including Warsaw and CMR convention) or b) £14:30/kg. FCX does not provide cargo liability or all-risk insurance but the sender may pay additional charge for declared value for carriage above the limits, subject to an incremental charge of £ 0.70 per £ 63.00 declared value with a minimum of £ 10.00. Specific items such as artwork, film, antiques, glassware, jewelry, furs, watches, etc, are limited to a maximum declared value of US$500 per shipment or US$9.07 per US pound whichever is greater. Liability of claims requires notice of claims within strict time limits. FCX's liability is subject to strict and detailed terms and conditions.