FCX SameDay is the same day and logistics arm of Freeport Courier Express Limited, offering a range of business solutions for when speed, security and absolute reliability is essential. The solution to a customer's need may be 'off the shelf' or tailored precisely to that need - one off or regular.

The premium solutions

  • Critical delivery for sensitive products
  • Time definite delivery
  • Person to person delivery
  • From motorcycles to 45ft trailers
  • Single drop or multiple item deliveries
  • Same day delivery to 98% of the United Kingdom

Airport services - Air UK

Logistics solutions to support the aviation industry

  • Aircraft on Ground emergency parts delivery
  • Baggage repatriation
  • Air charters

Specialist services

Whatever the size,the weight or the urgency, a solution can be tailored to meet the user's requirements, including:

  • On board courier for international deliveries
  • Dedicated vehicles into Europe
  • Unusual freight
  • Chauffeur services
  • Hazardous goods

Service restrictions apply,
Size and weight restriction apply on certain service levels
All guarantees are subject to flights and sea crossings to and from the Island.
Please contact the customer service for information.